Dou Dou Method Materials

6-8 years Old   Dou Dou
4-5 years Old   Little Dou Dou

A proprietary music education program system only offered in DouDou Music Learning Centers
The most innovative way for a child to learn music without stress
Covers a full spectrum of the music learning experience
Includes By-Ear and By-Sight training for Rhythm, Melody, Harmony and Playing
Theory and Composition both By-Ear and Written
Builds confidence and self-esteem

"Good Musical Ears Make Good Musician"
“Music Makes You Smarter”

Dou Dou Sight Reading Materials
The most powerful method to learn "Sight Reading"


Level One            Level Two           Level Three          Level Four           Level Five

Daily Assignment


Violin Speed Reading Level One
Violin Speed Reading Level Two
Violin Speed Reading Level Three
Are now available

Teacher's Material

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DouDou Teaching Method Patent Pending 2004
Musicianship Assessment Examination System Patent Pending 2004